The App App. 
Or an adults' good night story. 
Chapter 1. 
In the night
When the kiss of the universe happened
The dreamers knocked on reality's door
The man with the yellow hat got very confused. 
In fact, he was horribly confused. 
Not so much because he could suddenly fly. 
But because he understood that...
At night
When we dream
The truth manifests itself. 
They talked a lot. 
And then suddenly everything was like before. 
He was wearing his hat again. 
Well, he thought everything was like before. 
His plants didn't grow how he wanted. 
The lady with the diamond knew why 
and made fun of him. 
Someone told to the yellow jumper that he actually is blue. 
Shortly after, the lady with the diamond lost her diamond. 
(She will find it later on, no panic.)
Also: Someone stole his green colour. 
So now, 
was really confused. 
They decided to have a nap. 
Because now, 
They knew that at night, when we dream...
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